Android App Review #1 – Daily Roads Voyager

Have you ever been in your car and witnessed an accident, maybe you have been involved in an accident yourself or maybe you have been a victim of road rage.  In any of these instances would it have been advantageous for you to be able to provide your insurance company or maybe even Police with a video or stills photographs of the incident occurring?

Alternatively do you need to provide someone with complex driving directions or have you simply enjoyed a nice drive in the country that you would like to share with friends.

If you have answered yes to any of the above then the solution is reviewed here…

Daily Roads Voyager is a free to download Android Application that allows you to record video/stills photographs of journeys taken in your car.

 You can download the app from the Android Market Place.  The application is 336KB in size and it accesses the following resources on your phone: 

  • Network Communication (Full Internet Access)
  • Your Location (GPS Location)
  • Hardware Controls (record Audio, take pictures/video)

 For the purpose of this review I downloaded the software to my HTC Hero and used my Hero windscreen mount.

Upon launching the Daily Roads Voyager application you are presented with a landscape format screen.  You will see a flashing video/camera window, looking very similar to a Sinclair Spectrum game loading screen!!  There are three buttons down the right hand side of the screen:

Video – pressing this button toggles Video recording on/off

Photo – pressing this button toggles Still Photo recording on/off

Files – Pressing this button takes you to the folder on SD card in your phone Daily Roads Voyager uses to record your video/stills photos to.  From here you can view, delete or even upload the video/still photos to the internet.

 Summary of Key Features:

Video Recording –  Daily Roads Voyager continuously records videos, the user can define the length of each video which the software stores to the SD Card\dailyroads\tempvideos folder.  Videos are recorded in .3gp format and can even be automatically uploaded to the internet (Daily Roads Voyager website only at the moment but other sites will hopefully be available soon i.e. You Tube, Flickr etc etc). 

As stated above videos are stored to the SD Card\dailyroads\tempvideos folder, this folder has a size limit assigned to it and once that size limit (size limit can be user defined) is reached then the oldest videos in that folder are automatically deleted.  If you wish to ‘recover’ a video whilst driving, i.e. if something of interest happens, you simply just touch the screen and the video (again this is user defineable and can be the last 2/3 videos) will be recorded to the SD\dailyroads\Videos folder alternatively known as the ‘SafeZone’.

Photo Recording – Photos can also be automatically recorded at user definable intervals and because of their smaller size they are not automatically deleted.

Background Use – Daily Roads Voyager will also run in the background, handy if you wish to use any other applications during your trip, i.e. SMS messaging*, Phone calls*, Sat Nav.  Users may experience problems using the touchscreen to save clips to the SafeZone if Daily Roads Voyager is running in the background.

GPS Feature – GPS co-ordinates and date and time are embedded into files making this information available to be used in other applications such as Geo marking the location the video/photo was taken in Google Maps.

I have been using Daily Roads Voyager for a couple of days now and so far so good, the Application hasn’t crashed on me at all and the user interface is very clear and easily understandable even for the most novice of users.

Fortunately I’ve not witnessed any pileups or been involved in any road rage incidents nor have I driven any routes of any great interest in this time, but if I do I will be testing the upload facility of the software so keep any eye out for another review of this feature of the software in the future.

For more information on the software please visit

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